August 2017 Sketchbook Tour

Finally posting the tour of my August 2017 sketchbook. Let me know what you think. Want to see more?

Coloring Books Available!

You can purchase coloring books through my online shop at or this weekend at BikeCraft! Cheers

Bike Parade 3 Color Party

My latest book, Bike Parade Vol 3, will finally be available for purchase at Books with Pictures on Division. Join

Inktober 20171006

Loving the flying fat cats. More works with these puff-balls coming soon.

Inktober 20171005

Trying inking with a Copic multiliner. Please with the results and line variation, but not as organic feeling as using

Inktober 20171004

This dino demonstrates the important of regular bicycle maintenance.

Inktober 20171003

READ a book? oh. I thought you said EAT a book. I do what I can to inspire anyone to

Inktober 20171002

Inktober 2017 is off to a second day. This T-Wrex now has all the powers of longer arms but finds

Inktober 20171001

It’s the first day of Inktober. I’ll be posting a new inked drawing everyday for the month of October. According

Sketching Aku – Live Stream and Time Lapse

I’ve recently started re-watching all of Samurai Jack via Hulu which inspired me to do some quick sketching of the


Save the beeeeeeez. Once you learn more about the difference between the types of bees, wasps, and other black-and-yellow buzz-floofs,


I finally rode the Oregon Stampede route. It has been many months since I’ve pedaled any sort of distance above