Who am I?

Residing in Portland, Oregon I make art, go on cycling adventures, and just generally love travel.

I write about my bicycle trips over at my other blog Adventuring.Bike

Tomas wearing a home-made cycling cap.

Social Media

Programming Projects

  • Chess Capture Map: Using my games on Lichess.org, I wanted to see the squares where captures are most frequented. It was a good learning experience for combining Python and using the Plotly graphing library.
  • Ride Density Map: Before ridewithgps.com had its heatmaps, I wanted to create my own using Python.
  • Adventuring.world: Using Mapbox to show different places I have been and where I really want to go in the next few years. It was too good of a domain name to pass up.

Last Update: 2023-12-03