12 Sketchbooks in 12 Months

The Challenge:

  • A new blank sketchbook on the 1st of every month.
  • Fill at least one sketchbook per month for the year 2011
  • Images, Text, Illustrations, Designs, Doodles, Ideas and Notes are all accepted.
  • Minimum of 99 pages per month. Use multiple books if necessary.
  • No standard dimensions.
  • No standard page coverage
  • No particular theme

The Goal:

  • To make creativity a daily habit
  • Sharpen drawing skills
  • Improve observation skills

I may regularly blog about my progress and share scanned pages of work, but I may choose to keep selected pages to myself if they contain sensitive information or thoughts I don’t want shared with the internet.  This will keep my thoughts open and unrestricted.

I believe this will really help me since one of my weaknesses is that I go so long between drawings that I lose confidence and have to struggle to rebuild it.

Lets see how it goes January 1, 2011!


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