2016 Recap Report

Overall, 2016 was a rather successful year for me on so many levels.

I had set several goals for the year, all of which were met with success to my own standards.

But there were plenty of other outings and adventures that were had like…

Attempted to ride the Baby Loaf route on my fatbike. I didn’t finish the route, but had a great time exploring an area unavailable to vehicles and left me alone in the woods for a while.

Riding around Newberry Crater

Birding and exploring around Fort Rock and Cabin Lake

Ride with GPS company retreat at Treo Ranches

Birthday Vacation in Oahu, Hawaii

Mountain biking the Plains of Abraham on Mt St Helens


Road Trip to the Painted Hills of Central Oregon

Godwit Days in Arcata, CA

Bike-overnight to Thunder Island

Road Trip to Seattle

Here’s a few things that are “penciled-in” for 2017.

  • Learn TONS MORE about photography, illustration, and video production.
  • Tour Divide?
  • Run an off-road marathon?

All of it is still in early phases of planning, but this year is looking good for travel and adventure.



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