Today, there was so much bugging me. I’m not just referring to the ACTUAL bug that made its way into our kitchen and threaten to eat our eyeballs. I was bugged by what is going on with our government.

There are several SEVERE issues at hand that every American should be concerned about.

Our Free Press, a RIGHT guaranteed by our very own Constitution, a right that is the envy of so much of the world. Our Press is being overtly publicly repressed and threatened by the very gatekeepers that charged, SWORN to protect the Constitution.

Our Education system is now overseen by someone with zero experience in education administration and believes the public school system should be dismantled.

Our Environment is under immediate threat by the dissolution of the EPA. It has already been proven countless times that we can’t rely on corporations to self-regulate their impact on our drinking water, air quality, and food supply

Our National Parks, a treasure and source of joy to every American and visitor with a pulse, is being gagged, neglected, and on the verge of being sold to every corporation with a chainsaw, jackhammer, drill, and steam shovel.

This really bugs me. What about you?

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