While off for a ride to Stub Stewart State Park, we came across a flooded road. On the other side of the flood, a group of roadies had also just pulled up and where debating a wet crossing attempt. “How deep is it?!” shouted one of the lycra-clad. “YOU FIRST”, we replied. Neither party was willing to dip their wheels in this murky mess. Having ridden this road more than a few times I knew this road couldn’t be that far into the depths.

But this fellow, with his dog soaked to the bone but eager to say hi to us, decided he was going to be the brave soul. “I only live a couple blocks away, I can get home and warm up quickly”. He simply tied his dog’s leash to the guard rail, stripped off his shirt, shoes, and socks, then trotted merrily into the murk. Although the water only went slightly over his knees, it proved that it was too deep to pedal without getting quite soaked ourselves and exposing our bikes to some cruddy conditions. We and the other group both turned around to find the detour. Along the way we crossed paths with a slight nod of approval, our egos all slightly smaller when compared this brave polar bear of Hillsboro.

Although I feel this wasn’t my “best” photo of the day, it was definitely one of the more interesting moments of the weekend that I’ll remember for some time.

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