A Company Retreat

I’m so happy I work for a company like Ride with GPS and have fun co-workers that all like to ride bicycles.

It was decided that we would all take a long weekend trip out to TREO Ranch Bicycle Tours to ride some of the best routes in Eastern Oregon.

Full Slide Show:
RWGPS Retreat at TREO Ranches

There was a train derailment in the Columbia Gorge that threatened to delay our departure from Portland, but Phil (TREO Owner) was able to get into Portland the night before to make sure we all had a great time.

Each day was hot, direct sun, but Phil was extremely attentive and make sure we all had enough food, water, gatorade, and a pickup if we needed it.

We even happen to run into Eric and Amaya of WorldBiking.info. They’ve been riding around the world for over 10 years and have some great stories and touring info to share. Make sure to check them out!

After 3 hot days of riding in the sun and seeing some great views, we headed back to Portland, re-energized to make Ride with GPS even better.


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