A Look Back at My First Carfree Year

This post was originally written and posted for Car-Free Portland Day, but I thought I should also put it on my personal blog since it is long over-due for an update.

In October 2006, my car of 4 years started developing engine problems again…the same problems that have plagued it every year since its purchase and that each time have cost me about $1,200 to fix. This time, I was unemployed and just didn’t have the cash to pay for the towing and repair. So, my car has spent the last 12 months sitting in my parking spot gathering dust, growing moss and losing air pressure in the tires.

Going carfree wasn’t too much of a paradigm shift in my daily living since 90% of my trips have already been done via bicycle for the last 2 years since I’ve moved to Oregon and, subsequently, closer to work. In 2006 alone I rode my bicycle about 5,000 miles and only drove 2,000 miles for the entire year.

Having the right gear and state of mind seems to be all you need to get anything done via bicycle.

I’ve done my household shopping:

From Various

I’ve helped people move house:

From Aaron’s Move …

I’ve bought 8-foot planks of wood:

From Various

Every so often, I will hitch a ride from one of my friends to get to a remote location or just to get out and about in some really crummy weather.

I may eventually get my car working again for occasional drives to the mountains or the coast, but for now, my two wheels and body power get me everywhere I need and want to be with a smile on my face.

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  1. Came in from BikePortland. Nice looking blog, friend. I liked your hauling set-up, so thought I’d leave a comment, and say hi! Have a good weekend.

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