All About Balance

Sometimes I just indulge in the pleasure of enjoying a good video game. Sometimes, I admit, I indulge a little too much like the alcoholic that can’t stop after one beer. However, it’s not a chemical dependency that leaves me with a nasty hangover, but it is something that requires an opposite, a ying to its yang: Exercise.

After spending 5 hours playing Guild Wars with my “homies” from back East in the big-mitt known as Michigan, I decided I really needed to stretch my legs and burn off the snacks I scarfed during the digital play-time.

I love living near Mt. Tabor. I ran straight to the summit, did some pull-ups at the play-ground at the half-way point, took some pictures (like the tan lines on my thighs?) , then zig-zagged through the neighborhood to get some more hills and miles under my sneakers. 4 miles with an extra 16 pounds of gear on me really adds to the challenge of the run and makes me feel like I’ve put some real work into myself.

The “guilt” I feel from extended gaming sessions like today, has been balanced out.

Do other people do the same thing? Would you exercise enough to burn off a bag of cheezy-poofs you ate like a cow all day so you don’t gain the extra 2 pounds over-night?

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