An Artistic Dinner Date

“Let’s go to The Canvas for our special dinner”

Audrey and I had dinner and painted portraits of each other at The Canvas art bar and bistro to celebrate the 90 days we’ve been together. Yes, I realize it’s not really that long in terms of relationships.

The restaurant is in the industrial section of Northwest Portland almost under the Fremont Bridge. From the outside, it looked like a very new place in a very old building. New paint, new pavement, old brick. I LOVED it.

There was plenty of spacious sitting to lounge about, be creative, buckets of crayons, a giant roll of paper for sketching, and a center stage for a model to pose. It was like a bar had been bred with an art class. No model on this particular night but each other.

Everything I could want about our service and food was perfect. There were other artists nearby talking about comics, blogs, art shows and writing. We sipped beer and champagne while trying to recreate a likeness in paints.

Painting Each Other

Ultimately, we didn’t care too much how much we did or did not look like our paintings, but we felt connected by them. Very romantic.

Highly recommended for the artist in anybody.

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