Any Light is a Helmet Light

Here I have my 3-watt LED Mag-Lite Mini mounted on my helmet with a “LiveStrong” band. It doesn’t put out a beam as usable as the Petzl Tikka XP, but it’s good in a pinch. I won’t be using it to replace my Tikka, but if I ever need to use a handheld light, this will come in handy.

Buy why the facination with lights lately? Why, Tomas, why?!
I’ve been doing a lot of running and cycling in the dark lately. It just seems more peaceful and quiet than having to deal with all the traffic on the roads and in the neighborhood. Also, I wish to eventually ride in a couple of 24 hour races and need a good lighting system that doesn’t cost too much. Even if I have to spend billions to find it.

Then I decided to try all my lights at once!

Result? It was very heavy, the lights didn’t all point in the same direction, and it really cut down on my aerodynamics. I think I may have to get rid of some of them in the near future.

  • Maglite 2D
  • Maglite 2C
  • Mini Maglite 3 Watt LED
  • Maglite Solitaire
  • CatEye Opticube
  • Brinkman LED Lamp
  • Energizer Camping Lamp
  • Petzl Tikka XP

Fun was had by all!

I just realized…I now look like the mechanical squid sentinals from “The Matrix”, minus all the killer tentacles and ability to fly.

Perhaps I should contact the peeps at Hollywood and see if I can put together some special effects. I think I would rock.

Love, Luck and Lollipops!


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  1. I should have blogged about it, but at some time ago I did park my bike in a “disabled persons” spot for a few minutes while I ran into a Seven-Eleven to get some snacks and drinks on one of my long rides.

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