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I often get asked “Tomas, why don’t you write about work?” Why? I don’t want to lose my job.

There are far too many employers out there that will fire employees due to content of their personal blogs, web pages, MySpace accounts, or even extracurricular activities that they deem “Not in line with company morals”.

I don’t think I do anything outside of “company morals” to get me fired, but I’d rather not talk about things on a PUBLICLY VIEWED SITE that might be misinterpreted and then used as ammunition should someone want to have me fired.

I work for the Port of Portland, I can tell you that much. I spend most of my days at the downtown PoP building on 2nd Ave and Everett St.. I occasionally go out to T4 or T6 for installs or repairs, then as part of a rotation schedule with the rest of my fellow help desk staff, I spend one full week at PDX (Portland International Airport).

Beyond this info, I can’t get into specifics as to where I can or can’t go or what happens behind the scenes with internal politics, infrastructure, security, or anything deemed sensitive by the TSA or DHS.

Although I’ve been working for the Port for almost a full year having started off as a contractor in June, 2005 through TekSystems, I have come to appreciate the scope of my job and what the Port means to the city of Portland, the surrounding area and the nation.

When we (The Port) received a new Post-Panamax crane in early May, it made all the local news channels across the state. Many of our engineers that were involved in getting the crane under the bridges of the Columbia River were celebrating the accomplishment the following week.

We aren’t just providing a set of products like computers, wires or car dealer training services. We are a gateway for tourists, agriculture and products.

I feel better about my job that it’s making a difference on the local, national and world economy when we do well. I don’t feel like I’m just making a small group of men lots of money, I make many people lots of money as well as getting a decent pay.

Even if things went terribly wrong with the Port of Portland and I had to seek employment elsewhere, I will never TYPE anything negative about it. I want to keep this job.

-only one person has ever asked me why I don’t write about work-

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