Aspects of My Life

There are many aspects to ones life. Threads of pursuits, passions, hobbies, interests, and livelyhood.  Each of us strives to prioritize each aspect but more often than not some aspects become more demanding than others. 

Bicycles, Art, Outdoors, Fitness, Simplicity are my aspects that I use to define myself.  They often flow into and mix with each other in complex web of relations that is seen as easily related but sometimes opposites. Bicycling can be part of my fitness and enjoying the Outdoors and giving me inspiration to draw and to be free to travel.

Simplicity demands I eliminate stuff from my life. Be rid of the things that can be considered superfluous and no longer contribute to my pursuit of happiness or on inhibit the priorities in my life. Be rid of mindless distractions and previous interests I wish to avoid.

Thus far, the life of less stuff has made me far happier and content but allows me to strive for my ambitions and goals.

More time in bliss, less time in life/stuff management.

– Tomas Quinones

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