Bicycling Thoughts – Winter Commute

People are still riding bikes

Portland and surrounding area has been receiving a lot of rain all winter. There are areas all along the coast that are flooded, the Willamette River was quite high and any non-paved surface is very mushy.

Back in December, we did have a day and a half of ice and a bit of snow, mostly ice. Despite this inclimate weather, people were still riding bikes. Not the casual riders, but the people that rely on their bikes as their sole transportation. Hardcore cyclists, commuters, homeless with a trailer filled with all their possessions.

We’re still getting quite a bit of rain in the city, but for some reason…people are still riding bikes. Raincoats, waterproof panniers, headlights, flashing tailights and reflective tape are quite the norm for these cyclists.

Although the number of commuters seems to have decreased, there are still 4 bikes in the Port of Portland bike locker-room. I salute these hardcore riders.

Today was the first time in almost 2 months that I finally rode the entire distance from home to work in this wintery 40ºF rain. Over the last 2 months I’ve had to fight a nasty head cold, sore throat, and a dizzying sinus infection that kept me from doing anything that involved moving more than a slow walk. After sleeping some extra hours and a protocol of antibiotics from my doctor, I am fit to ride again.

As I’m getting ready to head home, I see that it’s still raining quite a bit. Should be nice to see how the new fenders on my mountain bike work to keep the mud off of my face and back.

It’s nice to be back in the soggy saddle again.

-Tomas “It’s Not Cold!” Quinones

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