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Cycle Wild‘s trip to Milo McIver state park was attended by 4 cyclists. It was a pleasant weekend, alcohol consumed and nature enjoyed.

I rode out before the rest of the group to make sure we could get a hold of a site as it was a great weekend weather-wise and we had a feeling it would be a bit crowded. After busting my butt to get out there ASAP, fixed 3 flats within 28 miles, it was all in vain as all the sites save the hiker-biker site were full for the weekend.

The biker site was somewhat pleasant as it is separated from the rest of the sites that vehicles use but the down side is that it is right next to the water station for trailers where they fill up on water and dump waste, so there was sometimes a foul stench.

It was a bit on the cool side, especially at night, but nothing uncomfortable.

One of the cyclists experienced his first non-car-camping trip ever and had a lot of fun riding to and from the site as well as enjoying the site.

Hope to see more new riders next year!

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