Birkie 212km Group Permanent

Riding out with Theo, Susan, Chris, John, and Paul, we covered 132 miles or 212km over 12 hours. But 44 miles into the ride, I got a migraine so I had to sit around for an hour waiting for the naproxin, ibuprofen, and two cans of Red Bull to kick in. I eventually got back on the back and slowly made my way back to the group.

Although it was a relatively flat route, I just haven’t spent much time on the bike in general, nor have I done anything longer than 45 miles on the new bike. But the fit on the bike was about as perfect as could be.

Near the final few miles, my legs got crazy and somehow found some sprinting power. I ended up finishing before the group but only by a minute or so.

This was the inaugural ride of my Soma Grand Randonneur bike and it performed WONDERFUL.

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