Black Friday: Report

Black Friday Report

This is probably the first “Black Friday” that I’ve willingly and purposely drove to Best Buy, CompUSA and Walmart, all in the same day.

In contrast to driving around the Detroit Metropolitan Way, I hit the strip of 82nd Avenue of SE Portlandia in rather quick time.

7am, I called Derek for some recon as to what was on sale.

8am, Dropped off Connie at Joanne Fabrics while I skipped over to Jack in the Box for some breakfast burritos.

8:15am, Connie calls me to say that she’s going to be waiting in line to get her fabric cut for quite some time and that I should just head over to Best Buy ASAP.

8:35am, Fairy-tale parking at the nearest Best Buy right in front of the entrance.

9:30am, After wondering the store for a while, I bought “Destroy All Humans” for $20, and a PNY 1GB Flash Drive for $40 but it also has a $20 mail-in rebate. Text message from Connie, “Still waiting in line…”

9:45am, Sorely disappointed at the utter lack of any decent sales that didn’t involve a huge rebate from AOL’s desperate attempts to get more subscribers. “Sure, we’re losing money on EVERY subscriber, but we’ll make it up in volume!”

10:15am, Decided not to hit Wal-mart but instead to puruse the local Gamestop. Metal Gear Solid 3 for $10. Woo! Text message from Connie: “Still waiting…ugh…”

11:00am, Returned to Joanne Fabrics to check on Connie’s progress and see how she’s feeling since she didn’t have anything to eat yet. I brought her the breakfast burrito just as she was about to have her fabric cut to size. After scarfing down her very late breakfast, we proceeded to wait in yet another line just to pay for her items.

11:15am, Decided to head to Walmart to look for any TV’s on sale.

11:50am, arrived at the Vancouver, Washington Walmart to a some-what busy parking lot but no more than a regular Saturday.

I then found out we had missed out on some good deals on a VERY cheap laptop that made the news of people having fist-fights over them, as well as some cheap DVDs that were just sold out. I then got a decent little 20” Flat-screen TV for my bedroom that has a nice picture quality for my needs.

Overall, I was AMAZED at the lack of frustrations I normally feel when driving around these stores on the blackest Friday of the year, but happy with the few items I had managed to snag at very good prices.



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