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Taking the Blerchmobile on the road for the weekend. This has been such a great adventure-mobile for us taking our adventures all over the Pacific Northwest.  


“I bring you all here today to witness my ascension to greatness.” “Frank, you’re a chickadee like both of us. We can ALL fly” “Bob, can you…just…give me this moment?”


It seems that the local squirrels and I have been competing in frequent staring contests. They usually win the “not blinking part” but I always win the “not scampering away in fear for life” contest. Except that one time the squirrel pulled a nice and threatened to cut me. I think that’s what he said. […]


I really love having a garden in front of our house rather than a huge lawn. It’s so much more interesting to gaze at the iridescence of an iris rather than the sea of green stubby-bladed grasses full of weeds.


It’s not often you can see this bridge so clearly from over 3 miles away while standing on an extinct volcano cinder cone. It’s a neat bridge.


We spent our Saturday riding the mountain bike trails at Alsea Falls just Southwest of Corvallis. The weather, trails, and flow were all perfect.  


Morning coffee in the park, talking about bikes, admiring bikes, eating donuts, and taking photos of bikes. Because bikes.


Oh Barry. You are cartoon dogs of this century personified. THAT. UNDERBITE. He was a little shy, but I WILL make him my bestest friend ever.


I don’t know what a “sloak” is, but I am getting my Salsa Timberjack ready for summer adventures.


Tool time!


Just getting groceries.


Oh, Alaska Air, you’ve taken us to such grand adventures in Alaska and Hawaii. It was a nice treat to have good light and a high enough shutter to practically freeze the props on this plain.


Movie theatre, church, or video game?  


Good morning Portland. Starting my day off right with other bike nerds, coffee, and donuts in some rare Portland sun. 


PHOTOBOMBED. I was trying to get a nice photo of the Black-headed grosbeak when all of a sudden this house sparrow jumped in the way to hog what little limelight was left in this tree. What’s so special about the Black-headed grosbeak? They’re a migratory bird that is only in this area for summer breeding […]


Pets on Broadway has some new window paintings. Makes me think of Audrey’s blog “Tweets and Chirps“. I had the sun right behind me while taking the photo but I was able to incorporate this day-star into the scene.


I wanted to find an interesting texture to photograph. Can you tell what joke is coming up? Yes? Good. You nailed it. Now think of the Japanese proverb: The nail that sticks out shall be hammered down. Now look at this photo as a result of that proverb. There are a relative few that are flush […]


“My Tail is delicious!” Sure, Mrs Squirrel. Delicious. What other lies do you have to perpetuate on the delicacy of squirrel anatomy? Squirrels aren’t exactly known for their honesty.


Bewick’s Wren Peep-Peeps. We found this nest so exposed but we had to get a quick photo. After the snap, we quickly covered the nest as it should have been and left it alone as much as possible. It’s so funny to see a nest with live hatchlings, so upclose, and below eye level. I […]


I can finally share the birthday coloring pages that I was asked to draw.My friend, Ethan, was going to be turning 50 years old so his wife asked me to draw a dozen coloring pages reflecting all the various interests that he pours himself into. Check out all the pages on my portfolio page:  


Something is hiding in the patch of Shrek-Ears.


Springing in Springtime Portland. Been a while since I’ve ridden the Timberjack. I can hardly way for everything to dry out a little so I can get out onto the trails again.  


Oh dandelion, you’re such a dandy lion. The mark of summer is here and the sun is making everything and everyone go crazy. Bask in it’s light and warm as long as possible, for the skies of gray soon return to bring the rains and pains. Sure, it’s a weed, but it’s one of those […]


Dog-sitting Kylee and Loa. Kylee was so excited to see me, she burst into howls and was practically flipping. Spending some quality time with the beasts seemed to calm them down. Now, cool dogs walk away from explosions. But I don’t have any explosions, so here is Kylee looking cool. Doo-dee-doo.


Starting month 5 with a simple snapshot of one of my bikes with a mural. I haven’t spent much time with the better camera in the last couple of weeks as I try to finish off some other creative projects that have taken me far longer than anticipated. This mural can be found at 15th […]


Even while spending my entire weekend in front of a computer monitor, I still found a moment to appreciate the birds in our front yard. Black-capped Chickadee.  


Another full weekend of drawing, tracing, rendering, and making vector art. I haven’t spent this much time on an art project in such a long time. It feels AWESOME to see something start to come together. I can hardly wait to share the full project with the rest of the world soon. Also, my first […]


The slightly bright and non-forboding antique build is a gentle reminder of repurposing old for new.  The Bakery Blocks building is now home to a dozen companies that bring livelihood to the area.


A real world example of what artists call “1-point perspective”. Notice how this road of petals disappears into a single point in the center. Billions of blossoms died to pave the way for a lady and her dog to “go walkies”.  


*Knock-Knock* Who’s there? *Knock-knock-knock* Who is THERE?! *Knock-knock-knock-knock* *knock-knock* Hmm. Bushtits aren’t very good at knock-knock jokes. We should probably replace that window.


We have decided to name him “Dirk”. He is Dirk the Deck Duck.

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