*Knock-Knock* Who’s there? *Knock-knock-knock* Who is THERE?! *Knock-knock-knock-knock* *knock-knock* Hmm. Bushtits aren’t very good at knock-knock jokes. We should probably replace that window.


Draw the dog you want, not the dog you have. We also don’t have a dog. I spent most of this day working on a drawing project rather than running around taking photos of real dogs. Apologies for potato resolution of the potato dog. You should enjoy Patao_dog. We call him Potato-dog.  


  Back home at the Hunny House in Portland after driving for 2+ hours to get from Eugene back to Portland, I’ve spent the better part of my day, and well, weekend working on a series of drawings that I hope to share very soon. Just in time to watch one of the first buds opening on the lilac trees. Working with such limited light, it was very challenging trying to get such colors to really pop out. Using some light bouncing trickery, I was Continue reading →


Second day in Eugene, wandering our AirBnB’s property I happen to come across this tiny house hanging in a tree. It made me think about our own tiny house, the Cozy Cottage in which we were guests of the weekend, and how small of a house a bird needs to be “happy” as much as a bird can be happy. There was additional evidence that this house had some recent visitors, and I think it was something flying in or out of it that really Continue reading →


  Our first visit to the Cascades Raptor Center in Eugene, OR. We’ve been wanting to get over here for a couple of years now and finally had the opportunity to spend an evening with these amazing birds. This Gyrfalcon named Nike really grabbed my attention with her remaining eye and curiosity. From CRC’s website: Nike was rescued on the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington in February 2005 by raptor researcher and bander Dan Varland, who had noticed she had an eye problem. Dan transferred her Continue reading →


At the entrance to the Oregon Zoo, there stood a mountain goat. Its name unknown to most. As rain pelted its back, it eyed us with a dark stare, but soon something changed its posture. “The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go!” Alas, our friend is still growing fat in the loving arms of captivity.