I can finally share the birthday coloring pages that I was asked to draw.My friend, Ethan, was going to be turning 50 years old so his wife asked me to draw a dozen coloring pages reflecting all the various interests that he pours himself into. Check out all the pages on my portfolio page: http://tomasquinones.design/coloring-pages-for-ethans-50-birthday  


Another full weekend of drawing, tracing, rendering, and making vector art. I haven’t spent this much time on an art project in such a long time. It feels AWESOME to see something start to come together. I can hardly wait to share the full project with the rest of the world soon. Also, my first weekend with a new eye-glass prescription in 5 years. These new glasses feel so much easier on my eyes. Back to it!


Draw the dog you want, not the dog you have. We also don’t have a dog. I spent most of this day working on a drawing project rather than running around taking photos of real dogs. Apologies for potato resolution of the potato dog. You should enjoy Patao_dog. We call him Potato-dog.  

Project 2017×365: 90 Days Down

I’m now 90 days, 3 months, or a quarter of 2017 into my self-imposed 2017×365 Photography Challenge. I’ve challenged myself to take at least one photo with the intent of improving my technique. Why am I doing this? These 365 days of “intentional” shooting with specific ideas and techniques being practiced should help develop my skills as a photographer and hopefully make my photos more engaging, meaningful, and “professional”. I desire to have my photos be considered more than a casual snapshot. Although I may take many Continue reading →


Pizza, it’s a hellava drug. “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies (and the pizza in this box) were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.” ― Carl Sagan, Cosmos Wow, playing with flashes and staging some sort of scene is turning out to be crazy fun.


It’s been really gross outside so it made me want to stay indoors all day. However, I did just get an old-fashioned safety razor to replace my long lived Mach3 razors since I only shave about once a week which gave the blades time to rust and get dull. Lesson from this photo shoot along with the shots from yesterday, photographing shiny metal objects up close is quite challenging. Colors, extreme light sources, reflections, contrast, and all the little details come right in the photo. Continue reading →


Today’s daily photo was brought to you by the letter “G”. The weather in Portland was to icy for cycling so we stayed indoors to warm ourselves with the destructive power of Godzilla 1992. I have literally owned this Godzilla toy for 23 years and have taken several photos in years passed but none so elaborate. It was really challenging to get all the lighting conditions and affects just so without resorting to photo manipulation. I’ve only adjusted the exposure and color balance ever so Continue reading →

Time-lapse sketch

This was an experiment in mounting the GoPro camera to my hat while sketching an interesting house. There are elements of this time-lapse that I really like but it does come out quite jittery. Enjoy!