My first time-lapse

I recently bought a GoPro camera to use for my own projects, so one of the first things I did with it was make a time-lapse video of drawing in my sketchbook. This covers about 30-minutes of drawing in one go. Enjoy!

2014 Christmas Cards

I’m not much of a “Holiday¬†Guy”. But Something about getting back into watercolor painting, all the cards I’ve received this year, and some recent images of Grumpy Cat inspired me to send something special to my family and friends.   Inside each card, I took a couple of minutes to draw something different but relevant to the recipient. Audrey, my partner in said crime, captured the deed in progress: I tried to post this card on my Zazzle shop to make it available for order, Continue reading →

Grumpy Tree

Audrey and I have been drinking the “Angry Orchard” hard cider. Good stuff. Great art. Inspired me to try drawing my own Grumpy Tree. Moleskine Sketchbook, Penciled, Inked with Pentel Brush Pen, Colored with Brush-tip PITT artist pens. Drawn on January 2, colored on January 9. -Tomas

Off to the Presses!

I just finished the final pages of Bike Parade! Volume 2 and have approved of the proofs. The fine folks at Documart should have the books in my hands by tomorrow afternoon. The last two weeks have been a mad fury of drawing, scanning, vectoring and layout work. I’ve had a lot of fun illustrating this book and look forward to more illustration projects.

Original Art Auction

Ever want to buy some of my original art? Fan of the Bike Parade! coloring book? Well, now that my art showing at Bikeasaurus is complete, all the shown paintings are available for sale. Support this artist by buying a painting or two for you or the family. Buy these painting on Ebay Choose from a dozen different animals on bicycles like the Hamster, Squirrels on a Tall Bike, ¬†Bunnies, Monkeys, and an Alligator. Each painting is an original, 9″x12″ on acid free, 90lbs, watercolor Continue reading →

My First Art Opening

I still can’t believe this happened: I just had my very first art opening/show. Becky from Bikeasaurus is so awesome! The days leading up to the show were stressful and sleepless as I tried to get some new pieces of work ready to display. I unveiled 4 new pieces in black & white along with 12 framed watercolor pieces that I completed for “Bike Parade The Coloring Book”. The gallery was the entrance-way to the Bikeasaurus store which was a little snug for the huge Continue reading →

SketchDaily 20120419

Reddit’s SketchDaily “Progressive Aging” Show a character as a child, teen and adult. I was a big fan of the PowerPuff Girls back in the early 2000 and hope that future generations can appreciate them.

SketchDaily 20120413

BAD KITTY! Reddit’s SketchDaily for April 13, 2012. “Unlucky Free Draw” Don’t cross a black cat, black cats cross you! I try not to draw violence too often. Love, Luck & Lollipops -Tomas