New Wings of ink

It has been over nine years since I received my first tattoo and I finally committed myself to a new design and artist. The lovely and talented Ximena Quiroz of Skeleton Key Tattoo was extremely kind and helpful when I approached her for info on becoming a texting Always blogging on the go, Tomas Quinones

Class Sketchbook

Self Portrait Comb InkOriginally uploaded by Tomas.Quinones After completing the “Intro to Drawing” class at Portland Community College, I scanned most of the pages of my sketchbook kept during this time. Some of the drawings were specific assignments, others experiments, ideas, and observations. I’m trying to get over this shyness I have in sharing my […]

Appreciating Art

20100220Originally uploaded by Tomas.Quinones I don’t “get it”. I try going to art show openings, artist talks, and tours, but I find myself often disappointed by the viewing experience. Is this a common problem? Should I still consider myself an “artist” if I can’t appreciate all Art?