12 Sketchbook Update – January

January is gone and my first sketchbook is only about 50% full. It’s far from the 100 pages I initially set out to draw but the start is the hardest part. I’m proud of what drawings I was able to express with my internal filter turned way down. It’s February 1st, time to start a new sketchbook and see if I can improve that percentage.

The Autodidact Designer

A trend I’ve noticed through the years is that I tend to be a better learner when I can go at my own pace. To some, this might be blinding. It may depend on the subject or the imposed deadline of when the subject must be learned, but overall, I hate being in a class that is more often too slow for my attention span and would rather be given a series of materials and exercises to complete and periodically consult a mentor. Some years Continue reading →

New Wings of ink

It has been over nine years since I received my first tattoo and I finally committed myself to a new design and artist. The lovely and talented Ximena Quiroz of Skeleton Key Tattoo was extremely kind and helpful when I approached her for info on becoming a texting Always blogging on the go, Tomas Quinones

Project 365 – 100 Pictures

I’m now 100 pictures into Project 365-2010. That’s 100 Days of taking a photo of myself, some days more creatively than others. It’s interesting to reflect back onto the photo set as a reminder of what I have done, what I was feeling that day, and things I’ve still yet to do. Created with flickr slideshow.

Class Sketchbook

Self Portrait Comb InkOriginally uploaded by Tomas.Quinones After completing the “Intro to Drawing” class at Portland Community College, I scanned most of the pages of my sketchbook kept during this time. Some of the drawings were specific assignments, others experiments, ideas, and observations. I’m trying to get over this shyness I have in sharing my work with the world and hope to get some constructive feedback about my work so that I may grow into a professional artist. This particular self-portrait was done with a Continue reading →

Appreciating Art

20100220Originally uploaded by Tomas.Quinones I don’t “get it”. I try going to art show openings, artist talks, and tours, but I find myself often disappointed by the viewing experience. Is this a common problem? Should I still consider myself an “artist” if I can’t appreciate all Art?

Lack of Inspiration, but Motivated

Lack of Inspiration, but Motivated It seems like a contradiction, and it is, but I feel both right now. I lack inspiration to write anything new for the three blogs I maintain, The Fit Human, Velophilia, and this Blog. I feel there may not be enough interest from other people outside my circle of friends and family to continue documenting my bicycle adventures and opinions, finds and chronicles of my road to being an amateur athlete. Come January, I’m going to attend Portland Community College Continue reading →


The duct-tape bags that I’ve been making for several months, featured on BikePortland, attended BikeCraft at MCBF, and have sold on Etsy, are now discontinued. I cannot, with clear conscious continue to make these crafts and feel like I’m creating something that won’t last very long and is not at all recyclable at its end of life. I fully appreciate the DIY attitude of Portland and the practicality of my bags, but further examination of resource usage, bag life, and waste created in the construction Continue reading →