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Firmly Embedded Shrapnel

Firmly Embedded ShrapnelOriginally uploaded by TomasCoSauce I’ve only flatted twice on these tires and both were from the shrapnel of snow chains during Portland’s Snowpocolypse 2009. Otherwise, all other flats were from the rim tape shifting and exposing the spoke holes in the rim. I’ve been using the Schwalbe Marathon XR’s on my touring bicycle […]

Cycle Wild Trip to Beacon Rock

One must always double check the starting location the morning of the ride. I had it all figured out: Get up at 6:30am, catch the Max to Gresham, breakfast at Elmer’s, meet up with the Cycle Wild starting group at the Cleveland Max station. Everything was working out just perfectly. Except the part where there […]

Cape Lookout Bike Trip

Betty on the BeachOriginally uploaded by TomasCoSauce Memorial Day weekend was spent as a bike trip out to Cape Lookout along the Oregon Coast. Four of us left Hillsboro Friday evening to ride to Elk Creek Trail and catch some Zzz’s to get an early start on Saturday. We were able to get into Tillamook […]

Going Barefoot

20090526Originally uploaded by TomasCoSauce I’m now 12 days into my great Barefoot Experiment. It has felt so liberating to not have to worry about socks, shoes and sweaty feet. I’ll keep the blog updated as I start running barefoot and any other discoveries, problems or fun times I have sans shoes. Cheers!

Bike Parking Paranoia

I used to be pretty care-free about where and how I parked my bike, that is until the day my brother had his BMX bike stolen directly from him by some bullies. After that I was very careful about locking up my bike and staying away from questionable people. Even when I started high school […]

Snow Day and Night

Late Addition: 26.3 miles of snow-biking goodness. Portland finally got some REAL snow today! We had a sorta-snow-day last week, but it was only enough to cover the ground, look pretty, then it all melted by lunch-time. I awoke to 3 inches of powdery stuff on the ground and the temperatures somewhere in the 20’s. […]

Move By Bike Times 2

Update! Steph R has posted her bike move pictures on Flikr. Move by Bike 2 and 3 These last two weekends I’ve assisted some strangers in a “Move By Bike“. First was “Kirsty’s Aquatic Bike Move” and then this past Saturday was the “AaA:aAA Bike Move to Alberta and Albina: an Alliterative Address”. I had […]

First Things First

Happy 2007! May this year be better than 2006! I’ve been trying to get myself back on track with my fitness training. Running around Portland, riding my bicycle everywhere and piling on the miles, pull-ups and hand exercises to get ready for rock climbing. So, I started the year at a party at the Portland […]

The Jack Frost Time Trial 2006

February 26, 2006. It was a chilly morning but the wind couldn’t have been more calm for a brisk 12.4 mile time trial. During my drive to the race in Vancouver, Washington, I flopped between thinking of all the preparation I had done the night before and what lay ahead of me. Weeks before the […]

The 10,000 Mile Challenge

I found myself in need of a personal challenge that will push me further. I want to improve my dedication, self-discipline, endurance, physique, and focus. I’ve discovered that riding 25 miles or more per day really helps me in all these areas as well as clears my mind and keeps me in a really good […]

The (Not-So) Worst Day of the Year Ride

Sunday, February 12, 2006. Matt and I woke up and donned our cold-weather bicycling gear, preparing for some cold and wet weather. We had multiple warm layers, rain gear and head-lamps in case it got dark during or after the ride. I even got Godzilla (circa 1995) strapped to one of my “CityBike Buckets” to […]

The Tour is Coming

The 2005 Tour de France starts this Saturday, July 2. I’m very excited at the prospects of Lance winning this seventh in a row Tour, but I just have this gut feeling he’s not going to do it. I was also pesimistic about it last year and look what happened. I hope I can find […]

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