I’m blacking out my photos on Flickr. STOP SOPA.  Edit: Ok, It’s been stopped for now, but I’m still fearful that future sessions of our congress may attempt to pass another such dragonian bill. Please be mindful of the chilling effect that such bills would have on artists and anyone with an iota of creativity. […]

Loft Bed Designs

Before I had left Michigan, a friend and I built a loft bed for my small apartment. After moving to Oregon, I didn’t really need one, but now that I’m renting a room I find myself needing it again. Lately I’ve been learning and practicing using Google Sketchup 7 to render my design ideas for […]

A-Frame Bicycle

SN856522Originally uploaded by TomasCoSauce A fun little folding bicycle that happened to be rolling by. I got a chance to talk to the owner, get a demonstration of how it folds and even a test ride. It was pretty light, easy to fold, but creeked and flexed like mad due to all the plastic parts […]