I’m blacking out my photos on Flickr. STOP SOPA. ¬†Edit: Ok, It’s been stopped for now, but I’m still fearful that future sessions of our congress may attempt to pass another such dragonian bill. Please be mindful of the chilling effect that such bills would have on artists and anyone with an iota of creativity. […]

Taking Charge of My Desk

Sitting 2 hours straight, typically without a break, my legs start cramping up or going numb. Hips aching. Lower-back stiff. A moment of light-headed sensations as I stand up for another break. Back in the corporate grind, I spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, staring at my monitor. When I reach my […]

DIY Parallettes

Even if you aren’t a gymnast, there are so many exercises you can do on this light-weight and easy to make piece of equipment. I found the article on Drew Baye’s blog and built the parallettes accordingly. After you make a set, check out some of the various exercises on SkillsandDrill and YouTube. As always, […]