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Today, we celebrated hitting a milestone of One Million registered accounts. Proud to be part of the team.  

Project 2017×365: 90 Days Down

I’m now 90 days, 3 months, or a quarter of 2017 into my self-imposed 2017×365 Photography Challenge. I’ve challenged myself to take at least one photo with the intent of improving my technique. Why am I doing this? These 365 days of “intentional” shooting with specific ideas and techniques being practiced should help develop my skills […]


Ugh, Monday. Am I right? 


My daily photography project is really helping me see light, angles, composition, and color all in a new angle. I used to be rather afraid of color. I always felt that my eyes didn’t quite see the world in the same as everyone else, but as I finally dipped into painting with acrylics, watercolors, and […]


20170125 I’m going to miss my Pebble 2 when Fitbit finally kills it. There is so much about the design and practically they executed so much better than Apple Watch and Android Wear devices. Today, the emoticon design was spot on.  This isn’t a particularly difficult photo to take, but getting a glare-free shot of […]


Today marks 6 years since Audrey and I started dating. We started the day with a nice breakfast at Helser’s on Alberta. I recommend the smoked salmon hash. Then we went over to Powell’s City of Books to get some light reading material. We also hit up the Backyard Birdshop for some bird-related supplies and […]

2016 Recap Report

Overall, 2016 was a rather successful year for me on so many levels. I had set several goals for the year, all of which were met with success to my own standards. Bikepacking the Three Sisters Three Rivers Route Bicycle Tour of the San Juan Islands Read 52 Books in a year Run a Marathon […]

2016 Reading Goal Complete

At the beginning of 2016, I set out to read 52 books by the end of the year. It was a slow winter for me, so nearly half those books were read in just a few months. As summer rolled in, my reading slowed down. But as we found ourselves rained-in while bike touring the […]

Bikepacking 3 Sisters 3 Rivers

I wrote a more detailed report over at my biking blog, Adventuring.Bike But here’s the slide show if you want a taster:

Cabin Lake

Neither Cabin nor Lake, this desert oasis made for a very pleasant weekend of birding, photography, and mountain biking on the edge where desert and high alpine forests meet. Read about Audrey’s birding adventure at the Cabin Lake Bird Blinds. I took the opportunity to ride my mountain bike around in preparation for a much […]

A Company Retreat

I’m so happy I work for a company like Ride with GPS and have fun co-workers that all like to ride bicycles. It was decided that we would all take a long weekend trip out to TREO Ranch Bicycle Tours to ride some of the best routes in Eastern Oregon. Full Slide Show: There was […]

Road Trip to the Painted Hills

We decided to take a long holiday weekend drive over to the painted hills. Neither of us have never been there and as one of the “Seven Wonders” of Oregon, it has been on our minds the last few years. The weather turned out to be absolutely perfect, we saw some very nice scenery, and […]

A weekend in Arcata

Many weeks ago, Audrey asked “Should I do this?” Next thing I know, we’re driving 7+ hours to Aracata, California so that Audrey could attend Godwit Days. She would spend the weekend birding around with various groups, snapping photos, talking about birds, birding birds, and meeting her birding idol: David Sibley. Yes, THAT DAVID SIBLEY. […]

Upping my photography game

A story that really starts back when cameras captured our souls on ribbons of plastic call “film”, I liked taking pictures and shooting video. I still remember the day my father showed me how to focus on his 35mm camera. When he brought home a VHS camcorder that took full sized VHS tapes. How I […]

My 2016 Reading Challenge

Last night I finished reading book number 13 out of 52 planned for 2016. According to the Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge, this puts me at 25% complete for the year. Barely into the second month and I’m eight books ahead of schedule. I suppose there will be weeks where I have other happenings that make […]

Reading List – 2015

I started 2015 off pretty strong with a lot of reading, then had some months where I barely read at all. But overall, I’m pretty happy with the number of books I’ve read especially in the last few weeks of the year. Here’s a list of all the books I’ve read in 2015, in no particular […]

Riding Sandy Ridge

I just started riding a Santa Cruz Chameleon hard-tail as my trail bike. Bolted out of work a bit early on a glorious Friday afternoon to enjoy the trail before the rains dampened the weekend. I recorded bits of my ride using just my iPhone6, a Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control, and a small tripod. Although […]

Coyote Wall and easyClimb

After buying the Surly Pugsley, I was so eager to get out on some singletrack. My two buddies, Brad and Ken, piled into the car one early morning to try our bikes at a route along Coyote Wall. It’s over on the Washington side of the Columbia River near Hood River. A wide-open trail that […]

The Failed 200k

One of my goals for 2015 is to ride a 200km route every month. Through a series of errors and problems, I bailed after only 41 miles of the scheduled 126. So much for January. Let’s see if February is any better.

Birkie 212km Group Permanent

Riding out with Theo, Susan, Chris, John, and Paul, we covered 132 miles or 212km over 12 hours. But 44 miles into the ride, I got a migraine so I had to sit around for an hour waiting for the naproxin, ibuprofen, and two cans of Red Bull to kick in. I eventually got back […]

Training to Beat the Blerch

If you don’t know about “The Oatmeal“. You should. Audrey and I have signed up to run the Beat the Blerch Half-Marathon next month in Carnation, Washington. It’s going to be a hoot! What is The Blerch? He’s my inner sloth. The demon on my back telling me to eat more pizza. Run tomorrow. I […]

Cat t-shirts

Happy Cat, as he is lovingly called now, wants to love and be loved. Today I added 5 new designs to my shop.   Enjoy!

Drawing Fish is Fun

Re-drawing some fish from my sketchbook, I’ve updated the header for my website. I’ve also added a black & white pdf of these fun fish to print and color at your heart’s delight. Enjoy! -Tomas    

Still Living Tiny

Audrey and I are still loving the tiny house life and have been blogging about it over at Trying on Tiny. Although we’ve had to face a few challenges in the last 19 months of living in 160-square feet, we’ve pulled through all of them while still loving each other more than ever. All my […]

Sketchbook Challenge – January 2014

Way back on January 1, a couple of artists I follow on Twitter decided to start a sketchbook challenge and had invited other artists to participate. I had been looking to do more drawing so this sounded like fun! Drawing each day for 31 days to fill a 110-sheet 5.5″x8″ sketchbook proved to be extremely […]

Old Bike New Life

I’ve had this Trek Singletrack 930 from Craigslist for almost 2 years now but for the last 8 months it’s been sitting around gathering dust after switching all the parts to a Soma Saga. It’s really kind of a mis-mash of new and old parts, color-coordination, and just parts I had handy. It was a great […]

Search and Rescue

Over the last few years, I’ve become increasingly interested in volunteering in Search and Rescue. A good friend of mine has been involved in the Pacific Northwest Search and Rescue (PNWSAR) for some years and had been kind enough to introduce me to other members, training exercises, and even admittance to the Search and Rescue […]

Joining the BPSA

The Portland chapter of the Baden-Powell Service Association is forming! Welcome to the 55th Cascadia Scouts! I feel so proud to be on the ground work for such an inclusive scouting platform and look forward to helping parents and kids, boys & girls, discover the fun of the outdoors and scouting in general. Yesterday was […]

Global Game Jam 2013

I had only recently heard of the “Global Game Jam” on Friday evening but had resigned myself to helping some friends move by bike on Saturday and that I would have to wait until next year to participate. However, after helping some mutual friends move house by bicycle, my fellow team-mate informed me he was […]

18 Characters

Just a spread from my 2013 Moleskine sketchbook. 18 characters from no particular genre or reason, just to draw within the rectangular confines I established for each character. Download the PDF version of this drawing so you can print, color it, and post a picture of your colored page. I just ask that you not […]

The Pegamüs Shirt

I’ve finally added “The Pegamüs” shirt to my store. There are currently only two options for style and colors, but the shop is very flexible and allows you, the buyer, to select the color of your choice. If there is a shirt style you prefer, please send me an e-mail request and I’ll post it […]

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