I’m blacking out my photos on Flickr. STOP SOPA.  Edit: Ok, It’s been stopped for now, but I’m still fearful that future sessions of our congress may attempt to pass another such dragonian bill. Please be mindful of the chilling effect that such bills would have on artists and anyone with an iota of creativity. […]

Human Powered Home

Human Powered HomeOriginally uploaded by Tomas.Quinones I find this human powered home to be inspirational. I believe it was built by Brian as featured on I like this design is now a tricycle for stability as pedaling and balancing something that large with two wheels seems like a perfect formula for crashing. I really […]

Aspects of My Life

There are many aspects to ones life. Threads of pursuits, passions, hobbies, interests, and livelyhood.  Each of us strives to prioritize each aspect but more often than not some aspects become more demanding than others.  Bicycles, Art, Outdoors, Fitness, Simplicity are my aspects that I use to define myself.  They often flow into and mix […]

Running Flip-Flops

Taking a cue from Born to Run, Barefoot Ted, and the Tarahumara, I’ve converted my flip-flops into “Huaraches”. I’ve been going most of the summer completely barefoot but when shoes are needed or my feet are too sore I’ve been wearing some $5 sandals that I bought last summer. The heel and forefoot have been […]

Minimal Setup

Minimal SetupOriginally uploaded by TomasCoSauce Taking a cue from Kent Peterson, I’m working on making my bicycle touring setup as ultralight and minimal as possible. Taking a hammock or tarp instead of a tent really helps make this all possible. if I needed to add more warm clothing and rain gear for the fall, it […]