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Save the beeeeeeez. Once you learn more about the difference between the types of bees, wasps, and other black-and-yellow buzz-floofs, you come to the realization that these little fellas are incredible.


I finally rode the Oregon Stampede route. It has been many months since I’ve pedaled any sort of distance above 30 miles in a day, on gravel, in 95+ blazing sunshine. It hurt like a mofo, but it was oh-so-satisfying.  


Gravity can’t keep him down.


Gorgeous morning, nearly walked into this perfectly formed spider web at chest height. Happy hunting, little fella.


Wow, what luck! Not one…or two (seen here) but THREE juvenile Barred Owls in Forest Park. We were riding back for the night, nearly finished with our ride when we saw a large bird fly in front of us. Then a second. As we stopped to take photos, a third owl perched right above our […]


Ugh. This wasn’t a good day. Completely missed the bird by fidgeting with the camera too much and not being prepared.  


This is a typical day of commuting on Williams in NE Portland. I saw a few cyclists ahead of me, but as I checked over my shoulder I was astounded at the number of cyclists still coming up the road. It’s difficult to capture the true number of cyclists that use this route. Probably in […]


This beetle, the size of a penny, was such a good model for me tonight. It sat on my deck and on this flower with the patience only an invertebrate could have.


That hair! I was never into spiders at all until I got some extension tubes for my camera. Now I can use the 16-50mm kit lens with a extension and focus really close on something so small. Who knew that jumping spiders could be so cute?  It’s crazy to think this little fella is only […]


We spent the day working in the garden.  


Lesson learned. Don’t forget to put the memory card back into the camera before leaving it at the office overnight. It was too dark to get the photos I wanted, but it still made for some interesting texture.


Spent my evening with Captain Quack Sparrow making some tetrimos in Adobe Illustrator.  


Finally some sun at Mt Tabor during the bike races. It made for some interesting lighting, but still not quite ideal for the shots I want.  



This is what my Sunday has been. Barely outside. ugh.


First thing out my front door, a purple flower. Photographing something at night with flash produces some interesting backgrounds that don’t require much in the way of processing but tend to be underexposed.  


Another rainy day in Portland.



Racing season on Mt Tabor has started, but the lighting for sport photography wasn’t the greatest. It’s challenging to capture the movement in such low light without using a flash.


Just some columbine in the morning light. I should get out earlier to take advantage of these morning golden hours.  


She returns in the early morning light for breakfast. Mmmm, sugar-water.


I never grow tired of watching the humbird right outside our front door.  It’s so hard to get an action shot of a bird the size of large grape that moves at 99% the speed of light.


Banana for scale.


“Show my good side, no wait, this side, this side, this light, here, now, now, now, here. BLUE STEEL”. Red-breasted Nuthatch


You like comic books? OF COURSE YOU DO. You should get your butt down to Books with Pictures on 6/3 to celebrate its 1-year birthday anniversary. Keep it up Katie!  


Fuck Racism. I had to see this memorial with my own eyes. I regularly ride up and down this ramp or use the MAX. There were at least 6 reporters on the scene, dozens of people milling about, and a dark cloud overshadowing all. The Portland MAX stabbing is just so horrible, I can’t even […]


It’s not Eastern Oregon, but it’ll have to do.  


“Ok everybody, we need to stay in V-formation!” “You mean like this?” “PERFECT!”


Our last evening in Eastern Oregon was spent in the Starkey Experimental Forest. From the time we got off of i-84 until the following morning, we had only seen about 12 people THE ENTIRE DAY.  It was so quiet and amazing. This was probably our best night’s sleep in a long time.  


I am a rock. You cannot see me. Zzzzzzz. Wow. I can’t believe how close we got to this owlet. We were just walking toward another site and BOOM owlet at our feet. It was so camouflaged it just sat there pretending to be a rock. When we came back around, it had moved to […]


I feel so extraordinarily lucky to have had this chance to photograph an elusive Great Grey Owl right here in Oregon. This was such a great day of walking through nature, taking photos, and watching birds that I’ve only ever seen in nature videos.  

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