We spent our Saturday riding the mountain bike trails at Alsea Falls just Southwest of Corvallis. The weather, trails, and flow were all perfect.  


Oh, Alaska Air, you’ve taken us to such grand adventures in Alaska and Hawaii. It was a nice treat to have good light and a high enough shutter to practically freeze the props on this plain.


PHOTOBOMBED. I was trying to get a nice photo of the Black-headed grosbeak when all of a sudden this house sparrow jumped in the way to hog what little limelight was left in this tree. What’s so special about the Black-headed grosbeak? They’re a migratory bird that is only in this area for summer breeding with Washington being their Northern tip before they head south again. Here’s the one good photo I was able to get of the black-headed grosbeak before the house sparrow decided Continue reading →


Pets on Broadway has some new window paintings. Makes me think of Audrey’s blog “Tweets and Chirps“. I had the sun right behind me while taking the photo but I was able to incorporate this day-star into the scene.


I wanted to find an interesting texture to photograph. Can you tell what joke is coming up? Yes? Good. You nailed it. Now think of the Japanese proverb: The nail that sticks out shall be¬†hammered down. Now look at this photo as a result of that proverb. There are a relative few that are flush with the wood but the rest are now messed up and many aren’t even nails.