Challenges and Tic Tac Toe

Push Yourself. Try Harder. Don’t Take the Easy Way.

Isn’t Tic Tac Toe a simple game? It didn’t take very long to learn to play or get constant stalemate, so you move on to something harder. Chutes and Ladders, Life, Chess, Risk… You keep moving on to something more challenging.

See Spot Run was a good start to your reading abilities, Shakespear is a bit more challenging.

It seems that the most challenging is also the most interesting.

Why keep yourself bored on the couch, tired from walking up the 5 steps of your porch. Strive for something more difficult. Find some stairs. Ride the bicycle around the block more than once. Add more miles, add more weight. Test your limits and expand them!

Running SEEMS easy in terms of equipment and technique needed. Anyone with two legs and a pulse can run. It’s built into our biology.

While riding the bicycle 200 miles in an afternoon, a driver pulled up along me and simply asked “Why?” and I responded “Because Tic Tac Toe was too easy!” The driver seemed satisfied with the answer.

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