Coyote Wall and easyClimb

After buying the Surly Pugsley, I was so eager to get out on some singletrack. My two buddies, Brad and Ken, piled into the car one early morning to try our bikes at a route along Coyote Wall. It’s over on the Washington side of the Columbia River near Hood River. A wide-open trail that is always facing the river, lacking of trees until you get near the top, and has some of the most “gnarly” descents I’ve ever faced.

The spirit of mountain biking was reawakened by this day-trip.


More photos on my Flickr Stream.

On our way back from Coyote Wall, we also made a quick stop at a trail in Cascade Locks called “easyCLIMB“. This trail is maintained by the Cascade Locks International Mountain Bikers.

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