Cycle Wild – Alder Flat

Group Shot
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Matt Picio put together another great route up the Clackamas River to the USFS Alder Flat camp ground. It was right next to the river and due to the lack of people there we had our own little private beach that was GREAT for skinny dipping after riding 45 miles in 100-degree weather.

Four of the eight riders were riding with us for the very first time and have said they would all like to attend future trips. It was a great group of people and every seemed to have a lot of fun.

To battle the heat and provide everyone with a treat, Matt brought a small cooler with dry ice and chocolate ice cream for all riders. He even had paper plates and spoons for everyone.

Later that evening, 3 of our regular riders joined us at the site and to enjoy the company.

The ride home on Sunday was just as hot and everyone seemed to be suffering it. It was a great time to work on the tan and everyone made it home safely without suffering heat sickness.

Hope to see you on a future trip,

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