Drawing the Reddit CoA

It’s very flattering how much I’ve been asked to show how I’ve drawn something. All the way back in the late nineties when I started showing my drawings at comic book conventions I was always given positive comments about my ink-work and attention to fine lines. That reputation still comes about me today as other artists on Reddit and DeviantArt have left comments about my black & white and color works.

Find Reference:

I wanted to base the drawing on the Reddit Coat of Arms as a sort of a tribute to the site that’s brought me so much fun these last couple of years with funny cat pictures and exposure to artists I might have never found on my own.

The Reddit Coat of Arms was on the XKCD merchant site as a poster so this was all the reference I needed to get started.

Pencils First:

I did some light sketching on a sheet of watercolor paper to set proportions and placement of elements before darkening some of the lines and finalizing the details.
Pencils Finished

Inks Next:

I then go over the organic elements like the narwals and banner with a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen
. The brush tip allows a more organic, fluid feeling to the lines that is faster than trying to get this effect with a regular nib pen. On this time around, I don’t worry too much about all the line weights and variation.

Inking Started

Clean Up:

After I’ve inked all the elements of the drawing, I use a white hi-polymer eraser to get rid of all the pencil lines and smudges. The white erasers tend to be far easier on the paper than kneaded or pink rubber erasers and don’t cause nearly as much pilling of the paper.
Cleaned Up

More Inking:

This is where I go over the outside of the drawing with a pen using a slightly thicker nib to add weight to line and make it pop. This also adds some depth to the drawing and can really help make a mediocre drawing highly improved. I also fill in any black areas (not much on this particular drawing) using a brush or larger black marker.

Add Watercolors:

Unfortunately, the step-by-steps photos didn’t really turn out too well so all I have to show is the finished piece. But, I did all the light colors first and built up to darker shades like the blue on the narwals backs using thicker coats of color.
Watercolor Done

All the color was applied with Niji Waterbrushes and Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolors. It was all in a nice little travel set that has worked very well for me.

My Travel Watercolours

and that’s pretty much it.

I’m always glad to answer questions if you inquire.


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