Dreaming of Simple Housing

I’ve been taking more time to figure out what I want to live in. I could build myself a mini house with readily made plans or just go a simple route and buy a camper trailer then rent a vehicle to have it towed to my living location.
The Tumbleweed House is one option with plans available for $99. It could be built with reclaimed resources from the Rebuilding Center much like others have done.
Ideally, I would live like a Technomad. I would take my home from location to location while working as a freelancer in my trailer or where ever I happen to be.
I even thought about living on the road simply powered by my own two legs like Steven Roberts and his Behemoth.
Camper Bike Returns
There are people that live pedal-powered like Brian Campbell as featured in BikePortland.org.
Although, I have packed my bicycle for extended trips, I’ve never taken it away for more than a few nights. Someday, I will ride across the USA.

Heavy Load
I’ve been working on my very own plans for a pedal-powered home via a trailer or trike configuration and hope to have a prototype within 2010.
As much as I would like to work on getting my own miniature housing, I’ll be spending the next 36+ months focusing my efforts on going to school for a degree in Industrial Design. However, should the chance present itself to live in a trailer or other tiny space, I’ll take it.
More Tiny Pedal-Powered Homes http://thistinyhouse.com/2009/pedal-powered-tiny-homes/
By no means is a pedal-powered home original http://tinyhouseblog.com/tiny-house/1940-cyclist-takes-bed-along/

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