Dreams and Ex-girlfriends

I often wonder what my dreams are trying to tell me or why certain
things appear that I haven’t thought about in years. Last night I had
a very vivid dream (in stereo) about finding a new job, which is OK,
but what weirded me out is that I got a job at a toy store, the very
same store that my ex-girlfriend from high-school works. Deanna
Robinson, why do you still occassionally haunt my dreams? This is now
the third time you’ve been in one of my dreams as my wife. I haven’t
seen you since 1998 nor have I even spoken to you.

Why don’t I have dreams with my other ex-girlfriends with whom I’ve
had more pleasing relationships? Did they not mean enough to me? Why
not about Jennifer? I was crazy about her.

Shit…now I’ve got a splitting head-ache.


Tomas Quinones
Professional Geek

Categories: Life

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