Earth Day Festival 2007 Helmet Sale

From Earthday Fest…

A couple of weeks ago I found out about a program ran by Jeff Bernards to get helmets to people that don’t have one. He was able to get enough donations and a great price on 250 helmets last year but he felt too many people took advantage of the program and were taking multiple helmets.

However, the asking price of $10 was still very good for the quality helmets he was able to procure for Earth Day Festival 2007.

I volunteered my time to help him transport, set-up, distribute and pack up the helmets since I’ve seen far too many riders without something protecting their noggin.

Have trashed 3 helmets in 6 years, I am very pro-helmet use, even in short trips or low speeds. I thought that this was a very worthy cause to help get young adults to start wearing cerebral protection.

We started setting up at 9am at Woodlawn Park and within minutes of putting helmets on the table we had people inquiring about sizes.

From Earthday Fest…

For the next 7 hours or so we had a constant stream of people checking out the helmets and getting a proper fit.

I even felt compelled to get myself a new “Brain-Bucket” for using on Fun-Rides!

From Earthday Fest…

By the end of the rainy day, we sold over 100 helmets, many of them to people that never used a helmet or couldn’t otherwise afford to pay the $30 retail price.

It felt good.

I didn’t get a chance to really scope out the rest of the festivities, but I did get some footage of someone making a smoothie with a bicycle-powered blender.

I would like to give a big thanks to Jay Graves at the Bike Gallery for his donation, without it none of this would have been possible!

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  1. Cool pictures, you god-damned hippie!(I love the brain texture-mapping)

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