Feeling Strong

Today was a good day.

I rode my road bike 45 miles all around Milwaukie with my good friend, Matt. Then I came home and while literally running a couple of errands, I ran 4 miles with a 10-pound pack on my back.

Today, I’m only a little sore in one of the knees from a bad landing off a curb, but I feel great.

I feel STRONG.

While other were out getting drunk and pretending to be Irish, I was burning calories, building muscle, and seeing the sights.

I think the last time I’ve even had alcohol was back in early January. Current, I have no desire to drink. I don’t like feeling “not in control” and I always feel sluggish the next day.

Thanks, but I’ll stick to some Gatorade and a bit of dark chocolate for my celebrations.


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  1. I’m starting to feel a little stronger myself, now that I’m biking as much as I am.45 miles – yo utotally rock! I think I got in about 26 on Saturday.

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