Finding Adventure

I spent some time in the Columbia River Gorge this past weekend.

Mile after mile of beautiful waterfalls, mossy cliffs and scenery that reminded me why I moved to Oregon in 2005.

Track Stand at Horsetail Waterfall

Thoughts about our willingness to be content leading sedentary lives. Perfectly happy to be chasing the next gadget. Staring at the 56-inch LCD TV. Watching the latest theatrical release. Stay indoors, drink sugar, surf the web indefinitely, and dedicate all our waking hours to working on our video game scores on X-Box Live. Stalking celebrities, gossiping about the stylistic choices of over-seas marriages, legislating the legality of bodily functions.

None of these things interest me.

I’m going to jump in a waterfall, ride my bike on a stone wall, climb a rock scramble, find cave crickets, roast Peeps on a camp fire while enjoying a beer with old and new friends.

That’s how I find adventure.

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