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Today, I started running as part of my regular training regime. Ok, my training is actually all over the place. I usually do aerobic work in the morning and right after work with bicycling then strength training shortly after dinner.

I did three short runs to get an idea of what some distances around my neighborhood would be and to start off a bit light so I don’t strain anything before my body adjusts to the change in motion. I ran a .4, .5, and .6 mile interval for a total of 1.5 miles.

I can tell I could probably run over one consecutive mile but the side cramp, tight groin, and burning calves told me I should ease into running lest I pull something and need to take a couple of weeks off.

What makes me happy about today’s running is that I no longer have the same cardio limit as I did when I first tried running two years ago. Now, it’s just a matter of getting my legs built up.

Why have I started pounding the pavement? Well, for a few years now I’ve been wanting to race in a triathlon but I could never seem to get into a consistant training state of mind. I’ve always had some kind of distraction with work, relationships, personal projects, games and movies. However, the past few months I’ve been exercising pretty regularly and have made great improvements in my phsique and fitness level.

Riding the StP and previous training rides have made me tired, they really don’t feel like they’ve pushed me to the limit. So, I can ride all day, I just need to work on speed.

Now that I feel like exercise is routine, I decided to add running to it and get the cross training effect.

My goal for running? First I’ll start training for a 5-mile trail run and MTB race in September then start working my way to a Half-Marathon then up to a full marathon.

After I get to a half marathon, I’ll incorporate swimming into my routine. .
Maybe I’ll swim sooner than that.

Another reason to start running is so that I can enjoy some of the more demanding hikes that Oregon has to offer. It was quite challenging for me when I tried hiking several miles with a 30-pound pack on my back.

Friday morning, I run again.

What are YOU doing?


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  1. I’m playing Dance Dance Revolution!I’ve gotten to be quite good, actually. You should see my frickin’ legs!

  2. On Malcom in the Middle rerun I spied the other day the father played “Jump! Jump! Dance Party!” at a local arcade.I laughed a little. Way in the back of my throat.

  3. I’m riding to work and back, trying to get back up to my usual 4-5 days per week. Plus the occasional hike.

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