Global Game Jam 2013

I had only recently heard of the “Global Game Jam” on Friday evening but had resigned myself to helping some friends move by bike on Saturday and that I would have to wait until next year to participate.

However, after helping some mutual friends move house by bicycle, my fellow team-mate informed me he was heading BACK to the game jam at the Portland Institute of Arts and that I should come along to contribute some art to their game project.

I haven’t been into the game scene all that much since my gaming computer died in late 2008, but I still take pleasure in playing web-based games on since they are all pretty simple and don’t require huge time commitments.

Our game barely met the requirements, but it was finished and available for download. During the 12 hours or so I was involved in the jam, I learned about PIGSquad  (Portland Independent Game Squad) and more information about the Global Game Jam and other similar events.

It’s nothing that’s going to make Game of the Year, but it’s my first game project and I’m proud.



I can hardly wait until next year!


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  1. Very cool! Thanks for the heads up on the Global Game Jam and PIGSquad; I hadn’t heard of either of those.

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