Heavily loaded Cetma

Heavily loaded Cetma
Originally uploaded by Tomas.Quinones

Sometimes it is possible to overload a cargo bike.

The owner of this Cetma cargo bike has a reputation for going a bit beyond the call of duty and overloading his bike to the point where he can barely ride it safely.

On this occasion, the load in the picture caused the bike to be just a bit too top heavy as all the crates were full of books. The rolled up rug also started sagging a bit more and was barely scraping the ground. We eventually convinced him to trade items to other riders and make his ride a bit more easy and pleasant.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t anything to do with the bike itself. The weight was far more than the rider and it made it too difficult to safely steer. This won’t be the last time he loads it up like this.

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