I am a Eating Machine

Sometimes, I can’t believe how much I’ll eat in one day. It seems like I’m constantly stuffing something in my face, sucking down water or juice or looking for more food.

I’ve been cutting junk food out of my diet again. No more buying sodas, candy-bars or ice cream after lunch or in the evening.

Here’s what I had to eat yesterday and yet I’m still lighter this morning than yesterday morning.

1 cup oatmeal squares
10 oz chocolate milk
10 oz cranberry juice
1 medium banana
1.5 cups green grapes
1 cup vegetarian baked beans
1 small can of tuna
2 cups of various lettuce greens with 2 tblsp of ranch dressing
12 oz hot chocolate in milk
12 oz Mountain Dew Livewire
1 oz cheddar cheese
16 oz chocolate milk
20 oz Mango Banana Strawberry Smoothie
1 handful of M&M’s
64 oz plain water

I think is a bit over my 2000 kcal limit, but darn-it if I’m feeling hungry! Today is just as bad, my lunch cooler was filled to the brim and I’ve already eaten everything inside of it. I guess I’m going to have to include some bread or rice in there to act as my carbohydrate source and take up some room in my stomach.

I’ve been pretty active as of late, biking around town all the time, hiking, camping, mountain biking this past weekend, more camping and mountain biking at McKenzie River this weekend with PUMP. My Playstation 2 has been all neglected for over 2 months, but I’m not feeling sad about that. In fact, I’m feeling pretty good that I haven’t had the time to kill in front of a TV.

Pedalpalooza is going to end this weekend with the Multnomah County Bike Fair, which I decided to skip in favor of single-track riding in what some people are calling one of the best trails in the United States. Trail Link

Mountain biking has really grabbed me by the legs. I find it more “fun” than Road riding simply because I get to see nature, don’t have to run the risk of getting hit by traffic and it’s more technical riding rather than just spinning my legs and sucking fumes.

Hopefully I don’t wipe out on the lava rocks on the McKenzie River Trail and get hurt again. No broken bones so far, but one of these days…



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