Inktober 2019 Begins!

Last night I started drawing for Inktober 2019

October 1 started 31 days of 31 pencil and ink drawings. This will be the third year of participating in this daily challenge. You can view 2017 and 2018

This year, I’m going to follow the official prompts along with two more aspects that I’m adding on my own to make it even more challenging. 

Here are my three aspects for each of the 31 drawings this year:

1. Follow the daily prompt, pencil and inked.

2. Nudity for the #hardtober challenge. Might be a little sexy at times. 

3. Emulate an artist’s style and/or character. 

To Elaborate on my 3 aspects:

1. Follow the daily prompt. This is the established guideline of the challenge to follow the prompt, ink it, and post online with #inktober2019. The prompt can mean many different things to people and can be freely interpreted. 

2. Nudity. Drawing and posting nudity has been a rather challenging aspect for me as I have rarely posted my live drawing sessions or nude studies from years past. Adding an element of ‘sexiness’ makes this even more challenging as I haven’t explored pin-ups in a VERY long time as many people have pigeonholed me into a ‘cartoonist’ or simple children’s illustrator. I hope this aspect will broaden my audience age range and show that I’m even more capable of more than just cute animals on bikes or pet portraits. This is going to be the most challenging part of the month. I’ll be adding the #hardtober tag to try to win a copy of HardCover 2. 

3. Emulate an artist’s style and/or character. I’ve been doing this for YEARS. It’s how all or most artists build their skills just as learning to write a writer may try to emulate their favorite author. I intend to do a pin-up type drawing based on an artist that I’ve emulated or have always admired through the years. Some of these characters and artists I may have draw before, others are going to be more realistic and beyond my normal detail level. This part of the challenge is going to really push me on on the technical side of things as I may switch up which pen or brush I use to ink the final drawing. 

For day 1, the prompt was ‘Ring’ and the artist I wanted to emulate was ‘Dr Seuss’ from his work on ‘The Seven Lady Godivas‘ in 1939. Although all the women were nude, it was still kind of playful yet modest.

Moving forward, I’ll follow up each drawing with a post on Patreon with info on why I chose a particular artist. 

I sincerely hope everyone enjoys my work. 


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