I’ve Done This Before

The nights leading up to a long ride are never slept well. I always feel like I could use another nap but I’m not feeling exhausted. Anxiety, fear, and anticipation fall creep up on me like a cat on the prowl.

Tomorrow, I ride a the Three Capes 300K Brevet.  I’ve ridden it once before in 2008 on a much heavier, slower bike but this year I feel a bit more prepared for it. No sore muscles, no aching joints and a bike that is lighter, faster and better prepared for adverse conditions that are sure to strike.

Rain is predicted all day long in the areas we will ride. I know I’m prepared to stay mostly dry and warm by my experience in everyday commuting in Portland and by the cold downpour from previous brevets.

Mentally: I’m ready to stay focused to for 15+ hours to finish this ride. Ready for the possibility of mechanical breakdowns. Ready for the mental fortitude to keep going when my body complains about slight discomforts. Ready to stay calm.

I’m ready to eat and drink more than my usual share as my metabolism kicks into overdrive.  Ready to ignore my legs as the muscles get tired after miles of hill climbs.

I’ve done this all before. It’s just another ride.

Ready to suffer.

Ready to do what I LOVE.

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