Just get started!

The Only Way to Get Started is to Get Started

Everyone has that moment in the morning. Waking to an alarm clock, being jolted from rest, realizing the dream is over and reality has returned. One thinks “I SHOULD get up now, but I have a few minutes”. Minutes pass without stir. Suddenly, you sit up, get out of bed and start your daily routine.

Throughout the day, there are so many other activities that go through the same process. Starting the dishes, laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning the home, working on the next presentation or spreadsheet.

It just starts.

You might decide to get on your bicycle again.
Those old running shoes need to see some pavement.
The weight set is no longer for hanging clothes.
These pants weren’t so tight when you bought them.

Tie your shoes, step out the door and you put one foot in front of the other. Your blood starts pumping and endorphens gorge your body.

Was that so hard?

“I don’t have time”, “I don’t have the right equipment”, “I don’t know anyone else that runs”.

Get Started.

Turn off the TV. Fill up a waterbottle. Walk around your neighborhood.

Get Started.

Put away the video games. Put down the soda and chips. Turn off the cell-phone.

Get Started.

You’ve cleared your head, done something nice for your health and accomplished something.

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