Lack of Inspiration, but Motivated

Lack of Inspiration, but Motivated

It seems like a contradiction, and it is, but I feel both right now. I lack inspiration to write anything new for the three blogs I maintain, The Fit Human, Velophilia, and this Blog.

I feel there may not be enough interest from other people outside my circle of friends and family to continue documenting my bicycle adventures and opinions, finds and chronicles of my road to being an amateur athlete.

Come January, I’m going to attend Portland Community College full-time in an effort to eventually transfer to the Art Institute of Portland and get the Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design. Taking 4-6 classes per term is going to make it a bit more difficult to make time and effort to maintain three blogs. However, if all goes as planned, I can get the degree in 36-40 months.

I’ll make my final decision in December about my blogs.


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