Let the Cool Head Prevail

There are times when something makes me very upset. There are times when something makes me down right furious. There are times when people like to say things over the radio, over the internet or even in person that just whip me into a storm of fury and disbelief.

During these times of charged emotions, judgment is often askew and responses to stimuli are often poor in nature. E-mails can’t be un-sent, instant messages messages are instant, and hurtful words linger in the mind of the receiver and can destroy relationships.

Insightful words are often said by various figures and media outlets in an attempt to provoke a reaction as a negative reaction will most likely generate the most traffic.

Don’t give in to this ruse.

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Don’t let the media outlet, attention whore, or provocature relish in your response and claim they are famous because of it. Don’t let them gain a cent from your anger. Don’t let them profit from your hurt.

Sometimes, the best response is no response at all.

Let yourself calm down and reattain a rational mind. Think about the reason of the anger and why the other person may have said the irritating remark. Do they say it for attention, anger, passion or spite?

If a response of some form is warranted, keep it in a cool and collected manner. It will help prevent any hurtful words of passion, heat of the moment bite, or buried feelings of resentment.

Keeping your wits about you will make you the better person and improve one’s life.

I’m certain there are many books concerning anger management, conflict resolution and interpersonal relationships that cover much of what I just said, so feel free to research more at your local library.

These words are from my experiences and afterthoughts and how it has affected my own quality of life.


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  1. Tomas,

    I'm a friend of Davecat's and he told me briefly about your life and the changes you've made. I'm also a 12 yr IT veteran close to losing it. Would you have time for me to pick your brain offline?

    Please email me and get in touch.

    Be well,


  2. Perfect post. So true. I worry about the media as an indicator of our overall knowledge, education and capacity for deeper thought. It feels like we are accelerating backwards. I’d like to think adults and cooler heads will prevail. But it seems like the media can’t get us to the bottom fast enough.

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