Life Matters in Order

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to get various aspects of my life in order, enjoy what I have now, and plan for the future and what it means for my adventures and careers.

Working in IT for 12+ years has had varying degrees of success and frustration. Software changes so much so quickly that most of the skills I learned 10 years ago are not at all relevant to modern systems. It is sometimes maddening that certain skills I studied were never to be used.

On the flip-side of this dilemma, is that it is not entirely boredom but rather a chance to learn something new all the time. It’s a matter of recognizing those oppurtunities and taking the plunge.

To keep my life interesting and keep myself open to new challenges, I’ve started considering new careers, volunteering and taking work pro-bono.

Here are some of the career paths I’m pursuing:

  • Tattoo Artist
  • Trainer
  • Writer
  • Illustrator
  • Bicycle Builder
  • Web Developer
  • Coach

Each of these paths are being pursued in varying degrees, but all of them interest me in different ways to stimulate different parts of my psyche. I love the thought of being creative, logical, physical and instructive.

I’ve just started reading “Career Renegade” and have started to find massive inspiration to pursue my dreams in multiple careers and not limit myself to one niche field of profession.



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