Miles and Pirates

Saturday, July 8

I rode my road bike to downtown Portland REI to pickup my packet for the Seattle to Portland (StP) ride. It contained a Tyvek windbreaker with the ride’s logos and sponsors, a couple doses of “SportLegs“, a reflective wristband, number plate and sticker, a sample of “ButtR” and maps of the route we’ll be riding.

Not So Comfy!I then rode up to Sauvie Island again to ride a few laps and put the mileage on my legs as well as give a final verdict on a new saddle from Specialized to see if it would aleviate any perenium discomfort I sometimes get with my WTB Speed V saddle. Verdict: Specialized makes some HARD saddles. I returned it the next day.

I was able to ride 65 miles to and from Sauvie Island. I would have done a lot more but the dogwood was in full bloom so all these balls of fluff were floating all around getting in my mouth and nose at every chance they had. I got a bit itchy. Bitchy.
With annoyed sinuses, a sore bum and back, I called it a short day. I just didn’t have the fortitude or legs to keep going that day.

When I got home and took a shower, I noticed my eyes were beat red and my nose was running like crazy. Great time for an allergy attack! I took some psuedophedrine, napped and woke up feeling no better than when I went down. Hopefully, the next day would be better.

Sunday, July 9

Pirates 2 day! I planned on seeing Pirates of the Carribean 2 with Lee and Elizabeth, but I really wanted to get some miles in to see how I felt. Also, this would be a good time to re-dial in my WTB saddle and return the butt-killer to River City Bicycles.

After the bike shop, I made some pretty good time getting up to the airport side and working my way down again. I didn’t time myself, but I did a lot of sprinting and kept up an overall good pace. I was able to get 25 miles on me on one waterbottle of Gatorade.

I quickly downed 16oz of water with a dose of “Endurox r4”. Tasty. It seemed to do me well for recovery. I didn’t feel tired or sore later that day.

I met up with Lee and Elizabeth at the theatre for a 3:50 showing, but it was sold out so we had to get into a 4:40pm showing that was ALREADY lining up at the door. Crap. Of course, this led us to get REALLY CRAPPY seating. Ugh. On top of it, there was a 4 year-old sitting to the right of me that kept talking and saying she was bored of the movie. Why-oh-why didn’t her parents take her home?!

Regardless, I enjoyed the movie. I may see it again in the next couple of weeks since I missed a few talky bits due to the small girl, but if I don’t have time, oh well.

I won’t go into reviewing the movie, you’ll just have to read one somewhere else.


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  1. I haven’t seen it, but I enjoyed the first movie.(except for the ending. All the characters acted out-of-character for the Disney-fied ending)

  2. I like the picture of the saddle. With that sleek raked profile, it looks like a squadron of futuristic jet fighters.

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