Minimalist Living Simple Flow Chart

If the item is used:

  • Daily – Put it in the open with easy access. On top of your dresser, near your front door, in your everyday carry bag.
  • Weekly – Keep it stored away but still easily accessible. In the closet, in the dresser, on the bookshelf.
  • Monthly – Keep it stored away in the closet, garage or basement.
  • Half-Year – Basement or Storage
  • Yearly – Storage Unit or Garage, someplace where it won’t clutter every day life.
  • Longer than a year – Get Rid of it!
My items:
  • Daily – Backpack, wallet, cell phone, school books, art supplies, some clothes
  • Weekly – Books, craft & building supplies, tools
  • Monthly – Yard tools, outdoors equipment, extra bike parts
  • Half-Year – Season-specific clothing like winter coats, sandals, rock climbing gear
  • Yearly – I no longer have anything that hasn’t been used in a year
  • Longer than a Year – Long Gone

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