Move By Bike Times 2

Update! Steph R has posted her bike move pictures on Flikr.

Move by Bike 2 and 3

These last two weekends I’ve assisted some strangers in a “Move By Bike“. First was “Kirsty’s Aquatic Bike Move” and then this past Saturday was the “AaA:aAA Bike Move to Alberta and Albina: an Alliterative Address”. I had done this once before in September for Ben and his Chinchilla.

Who are these people? I happened to meet some of them before their move at previous events in Portland, but I don’t really KNOW them. I did it to meet new people and make new friends.

On all occasions it was a ton of fun and always ended up in some free food for my time and effort. But the most interesting thing about these moves is that we always seem to get everything in one go with the people that show up. We’ve even moved a full-sized matress and a couple of dressers.

It just seems like such a cool way to move across town! Put your move date on a website, confirm some e-mails, move, feed your movers, profit! Cheaper than a moving van? Probably.

Bicycle Philanthropy:

Some months ago I was given a decrepit Schwinn road bike during a garage sale. Both tires were flat and rotting, the left brake was missing, and the cables were falling apart. I thought I could make this another project bike, fix it up and give it to my girlfriend. However, seeing as I still don’t have any extra money or girlfriend, I’ve decided to donate the bike to the good folks at the Community Cycling Center.

Oh well…hopefully the next woman I date will actually have her own set of wheels. In fact, it will be mandatory. Don’t ride, don’t date.

One more bit of info for anyone that cares to know:

It has now been 90 days since I’ve last driven my car. Granted, the car still isn’t running, but I rather like having to take public transportation and my bicycle everywhere. The only thing that really sucks right now is that it has been very wet and cold here and I don’t really have very good winter riding clothing, but I’ve been getting by with what I have.



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  1. That poor Focus SVT. I would’ve been a much nicer daddy than you. I would have loved it hard.IT FUCKING HAD MY NAME ON THE WINDOW STICKER!!!!

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